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Funny Space Rocket

The funny astronaut is very happy. He's on a journey into deep space with his rocket. What adventures await him? Will he meet new civilizations?

Funny Pancake Comic

Funny comic illustration of a man preparing extras delicious pancakes. Twenty pancakes a day keep the hunger away!

Rattling comic coffin

This rattling comic coffin is the first part of a new Halloween project. The door seems to work.

Gone Fishing

Gone fishing! Funny cartoon illustration of a man with a big fish and fishing rod.

Think BIG

Sometimes you have to think BIG. So let's start with this cute cartoon illustration.

River Rafting

Cartoon vector illustration of a men excursion with river rafting tour. They have so much fun!

Grumpy Ibex

The ibex looks a bit grumpy from his badge. Presumably, he got up on the wrong foot.
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