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Mexican Mariachi Band

Hola amigos Let's have some entertainment! We are a Mexican Mariachi Band! Listen to our traditional music.

Japanese Kimono Woman

The Japanese Kimono woman needs protection from the sun to keep her skin as white as possible.

Cute little devil

The previous illustration of Satan was too creepy? How about this cute version of a little devil boy? You can't be angry with him.

Gorilla Clipart

Cartoon clipart of a gorilla. Don't mess with the mighty king of jungle!

Retro Cartoon Watch

Do you want to buy a very cheap watch? Analog or digital - it doesn't matter. Special offer  today: Get 2 at the price of 3!


Happy Boy Clipart

Today I'm really in a good mood. So I made the Happy Boy Clipart. I wish you a nice day! 🙂

Panic in cinema

All she wanted was a relaxed evening at the cinema. But instead of tickets for "Pretty Woman" she got tickets for "Dirty Chainsaw Zombies From Hell IV". Shocking!

Dance the sirtaki!

Let's dance the traditional greek sirtaki with your friends. Maybe we'll find the time to drink an Ouzo. Opa!